Our Customers Speak

We chose Bob Adams after meeting with 3 design/build contractors and immediately knew it was the best decision! Bob listened carefully to our vision for a large sunroom / screen porch addition, renovation of our master bath and several smaller projects. With an artist’s eye for design, he offered options for how it all could be done best and worked up CAD designs so we could visualize the projects. The price quote was very reasonable and the contract detailed and specific, so we knew exactly what we were getting. When construction began Bob did everything possible to minimize the impact on our family and to protect the other areas and furnishings. He never settled for good work, but required excellence from everyone. With his years of experience, he has chosen artisans in their crafts whom he has worked with for 20 or 30 years in many cases, and who know his expectations and take pride in a job done well and done right the first time! He kept us in the loop so that we knew the name of every tradesman coming in and when they’d be there. Bob and all of his tradesmen were always punctual, courteous, diligent, highly skilled and a joy to have in our home. As an engineer and experienced builder, Bob was able to work around the occasional “issues” caused by the original builder’s less than ideal workmanship. He always delivered what he had promised and often more than promised because of his eye for detail, and all at the contracted price, even when it meant more time and more costly work on his part. There were no shortcuts taken, while everything was done in a timely manner!   From our experience, we don’t believe anyone could have a better building experience or find better workmanship at any price! We’ve already recommended Bob Adams to several friends because we want the best for them: Bob Adams built the home of our dreams, a home more beautiful than we ever imagined!

Wylie and Rhonda Q – Peachtree City, GA.


I first met Bob when he did a small project at our church.  I was impressed by his integrity, and his commitment to satisfying his customers.  Based on that experience, we contracted him to build a master bedroom on the main floor of our two-story colonial home.  Many of Bob’s employees and subs have worked with him for decades, and he knows his business.  Like most Georgia Tech grads, he knows how to solve problems, and he enjoys the challenge!  One of my friends who did some construction work growing up observed the progress at various stages, and he said Bob’s guys did the little extra things to make sure the job gets done right.  I wholeheartedly recommend Bob Adams Homes for your next big project.
Mark G – Peachtree City, GA.


Bob Adams Homes was chosen over 4 other companies to build out a large basement project. I chose them because of three main things. They took the time needed to understand the project. Their pre-construction meeting with all the trades gave an awareness of the professional approach they take. And the details and planning kept me in the loop from beginning to end. I would recommend Bob Adams Homes 100%.
Tony D, Tyrone, GA


We will always have great things to say about Bob Adams Homes and would recommend them to anyone and everyone.
Michael and Diana L, Peachtree City, GA


We want you to know how much we like our home and how quick you all have been to help in any way we needed. We have friends in other of your homes and all have said the same thing. In fact we mentioned to someone recently that we had never heard one “negative” comment about Bob Adams Homes. That is a great tribute!
Lloyd and Francis B, Peachtree City, GA


It seems I have become a member of the Bob Adams fan club, but I believe when people do good work they should be recognized. I thought you would like to hear of our very positive experience. My former employer’s philosophy was to hire good people and let them do their jobs. It is apparent that you have a similar philosophy. That is certainly to the benefit of Bob Adams homeowners.
Best wishes to you, your family and staff.
Bill and Nancy B, Newnan, GA


I want to compliment Bob Adams Homes its integrity and long term commitment to the customer. I am impressed by and ever so grateful for your response to our needs and for standing behind your work.
Bob Adams Homes uniquely combines custom home builder attention with the professionalism and organizational structure necessary. We have been fortunate to work with your company.
Ethel C, Macon, GA


Our company is engaged in design and construction across the country and Bob Adams Homes is among the best home builders we have encountered. Their professionalism and work ethic are second to none. We would recommend them for work anywhere in the country.
John B, Columbus, GA


When the physical project began in April, the Bob Adams Homes began their work promptly. Their work was completed on schedule and in a very professional manner. The work force personnel attitudes were positive and businesslike which allowed us to feel completely comfortable. They also exhibited a true commitment and interest in addressing additional needs that arose during the construction process. Without exception, everything was completed quickly and efficiently allowing us to finish the project on schedule. The quality of their work was excellent and we receive regular compliments. Overall, we had a great experience with Bob Adams and would not hesitate to contact them for future projects.
Michael and Lindsay P. Peachtree City, GA


This letter is written as a recommendation for Bob Adams Homes. The entire construction process was handled in the most professional manner possible. The quality of craftsmanship is of the highest caliber. The attention to detail was consistent and impeccable. The on-site supervision during the building process was not only attentive to details, changes and needs, but was also extremely productive to the finished product. The trade team under Bob Adams Homes was also productive, trustworthy and skilled in their craft. It is without any reservation that we highly recommend Bob Adams Homes as ethical, competent and professional.
Philip K, Union City, GA


I had originally hoped to send a letter sooner thanking you for several things that you have done in order to make my transition into my new home such a wonderful experience. First and foremost, I love my home! I am thrill with the quality of the construction as well as the overall appearance. Being in the business myself as an agent I have been exposed to all types of new construction I am a very stubborn, and precise person who grew up in a home where my father was a builder with an engineering degree. Need I say more?. But by far my personal experience with Bob Adams Homes has been one of better quality and better personnel. I believe that for a builder to succeed he must deliver what he has agreed to and with as few surprises as possible. One of the keys in achieving that success is to surround yourself with quality people. I think they are your greatest assets. After being involved with the people working with Bob Adams Homes it became apparent that they respected you as a builder and as a person with honorable character. Your employees will always give you away. You came away smelling like a rose! My experience with Bob Adams Homes has been one with a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment. Thank you for the experience.
Teresa B, Tyrone, GA

July 6, 2018