The Bob Adams Homes "100% Complete at Closing" pledge underscores our commitment to each homeowner to build the best home possible. We have developed a strict inspection process that will ensure that your home is 100% complete prior to your closing and move-in.
Quality begins on Day 1

This inspection process begins with a professionally trained Builder who will perform Builder Quality Inspections on your home throughout the entire construction process.

Once framing is nearing completion and mechanical contractors are being scheduled, your sales professional will contact you to schedule a Construction Walk. At this walkthrough, your Builder and your sales professional will walk through the home with you to review construction specifics, confirm contract and plan details are correct, and discuss any questions that you might have at this point.
Attention to detail

As the home nears the finishing stages, your builder will schedule a Cosmetic Walkthrough and New Home Orientation with you. You will walk together through your home to discuss proper home care and maintenance techniques, systems operations and product information. Additionally, you will review warranty policies and procedures, identify and address any quality standards you might have about your new home.

Should any items needing attention be discovered, they will be documented by the Sales Professional on your Orientation Form. Following the Orientation, your builder will work directly from this list in his effort to insure the home is 100% complete prior to closing. Scheduling this walkthrough days, or sometimes even weeks, prior to closing insures that the building team has adequate time to complete the items on the list so that you may enjoy a home that is truly 100% complete. You will then be asked to indicate on the walkthrough form that all items have been completed and the home is 100% complete and ready for closing. Imagine no workmen tromping through your fully furnished living room!
Service that lasts

Once you have closed on your new Bob Adams Home, let us be the first to say Congratulations! Please be aware that our commitment to you doesn't end at the closing table. From that point on, your home will now be enrolled in our award winning service program designed with you in mind!

Our service professionals will contact you at thirty days and eleven months to offer you yet another walkthrough after closing, to ensure your home lives up to our quality standards! They will meet with you in your home to review some of the low-maintenance techniques that will keep your home looking and performing like new for many years to come.
Expect the Most

Reaching the 100% complete at closing plateau is an industry feat which few others can proclaim. We are very proud to report that we have mastered this process, and now we'll settle for nothing less. With the success of this program, we have raised the bar in the home building industry. After all, you expect to close on a completed home, that's what you bought and that's what we guarantee. Anything less just won't do.
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